Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Well here's our first candidate: Grim. Little is known of this monstrous chap other than he has been in and out of institutions since the age of six having slaughtered his mother and father. Penance, some claimed, for leaving him with Candice Morton - the babysitter from hell - and her sadistic boyfriend.

Grim has become something of an urban legend among his peers, where stories of his barbarism spread far and wide. But stories of him are more widely known in the halls of academia, where it is claimed he lurks in the shadows ... watching ... waiting ... and sharpening his claws.

- Meredith Jones
   Senior nurse (ward B)

Office notes: After four bouts of shock therapy it is the theory of the leading doctor in this case that Grim has gone too far to find redemption. Suggestions have been made for his permanent incarceration. The application for euthanasia has yet to be past.

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